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The Primordial - part I

 As I woke up from my slumber, I could feel the beach’s scorching sun warming my face which was ...

3 Replies

Fully Textured Dinosaur painting

Using the links Destroyahx gave me yesterday In the previous topic i decided to re-do the Tyrannosaurus and...

5 Replies

Mapusaurus vs Saurophaganax

The battle of the legends starts here.

7 Replies

Isla Nublar: A New Era: Chapter 5




3 Replies

New Dinosaur drawings - First digital drawings

My first 2 images created using photoshop they're actually nicer than I predicted, and i'm pretty pleased w...

12 Replies

New Dino Discovery

Recently, a new dinosaur was found in Wales...


5 Replies

Jurassic World:Extinction Chapter 1,2, And 3

Jurassic World: Extinction
Written By: Sam Belaski

Chapter 1: The Death Of A Great Man

3 Replies

Secrets of the Indominus Rex (Spoiler)

Copyright by Neil Kohney @Kohney.com

4 Replies

Raptor Enoucunter Comes To Universal Studios

Hello again,

It has been a while as I have been swamped with work, we arte still getting all of the...

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Allosaurus vs Carnotaurus

The battle begins, now.

7 Replies

The Raptors. Are they accurate in JW?

So the Jurassic park raptors aren't the most accurate depiction. This isn't surprising to most enthusiasts ...

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JURASSIC WORLD 2! - 22nd of June 2018

Start the countdown and let the speculation begin ladies and gentlemen! 

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Tomorrow Chapter 1,2 And 3 Of Jurassic World: Extinction Will Be Revealed!

Ok, If You Don't Know What This Is, It Is A Story That Takes Place 6 Months After The Events In Jurassic Wo...

3 Replies

PBU:Utahraptor vs Grim Reaper

Welcome to PBU (Prehistoric Battle Universe).Here we make prehistoric beasts fight the mythical and legenda...

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Isla Nublar: A New Era: The Mosasaurus Special!



2 Replies

My Custom Hybrid Idea!

Does Anyone Wanna See Me Make A Trex And Ceratosaurus Hybrid?


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Ian Malcom Or Alan Grant



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Deinonychus vs Utah Raptor

Lets begin.

7 Replies

Fire the prehistoric legend of Utah chapter 16:Training time

Fire and his team had just steped out of the potal and were seeing a huge mountain like thing (a tower) it ...

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Meet Zhenyuanlong suni the THE NEW FEATHER-WINGED Dinosaur

A new species of Winged Dinosaur named Zhenyuanlong suni belongs to a family of feathered meat-eaters that ...

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Fire the prehistoric legend of Utah chapter 15:Mythical World

Well todays episode is a whole lot fiction and we are going to use a different type of writing for example ...

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Shingeki no Jurassic/Attack on Indominous


2 Replies

New Discovery in Japan!

For the first time, a large carnivore was found in Japan! Here's the discovery-


15 Replies

What is your biggest dino in JW The Game

Hi! The idea here is to share your bamf's!

This one will be soon gone :/

It will hurt to me...

1 Replies

Let's talk about Indominus rex ( and its real life counterpart )

After re-watching Jurassic world I noticed something strange, other than it's brain power, camouflage, four...

10 Replies
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