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JW Dairy Queen Aviary cup

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What If You Designed Jurassic World?

What if you were put in charge of designing Jurassic World, with just a few billion dollar budget and ...

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Is this Mosasaurus photo from the movie real?!?

I found this on Google today and was wondering if anybody knew the legitimacy of it... Thanks!!! 


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Why i think the jurassic world "Rexy reveal" is kindof stupid

So aperantly jurassic world might wait to the film to "reveal" Rexy.

I heard that a bit earlyer, i ...

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Lego Jurassic World Game Poster

Hey howdy hey!


Been an incredibly long time since I posted on here, But I'm still ki...

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Should Jurassic World's T-Rex reveal be kept for the film? Or shown in Trailers?

We're nearing the final stretch before Jurassic World's theatrical release and so far...

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Jurassic world teams

I need help joining a dinosaur team for the jurassic world dinosaur team for wicy dinosaur will reigne supr...

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Five Nights at Jurassic World: Part 7

                That day, Mike m...

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New JW Lego set!

http://www.jurassicworld.org/new...</p></div><div class=2 Replies

Raptor Pass #10


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New Images

Aviary: 3 Replies

If there were to make a Jurassic World Operation Genesis. what dinosaurs should be in the game







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Kids choice awards trailer, dvd release

So, acoring to this IG source, the kids choice awards will feature a new JW trailer, 7 days away. And there...

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How big can the Idomimus Rex Get???

From rumors I've heard, in a video on youtube, a guy says that the Idomimus Rex is not yet fully grown. Th...

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Mapusaurus vs Deltadromeus


Length: 46 feet

Height: 14 feet

Weight: 7.5 tons


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2 things

First, JW 3d glasses! 2 Replies

New trailer tomorrow?

Apparently, the official JW german page on facebook said so: 5 Replies

Five Nights at Jurassic World: Part 6

                That day, Mike l...

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Tyrannosaurus vs Indomimus Rex

As the Jurassic World movie comes closer and is going to be here before you know it in theaters near you.....

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Carcharodontosaurus vs Lourinhanosaurus


Length: 43 feet

Height: 11 feet

Weight: 8 tons


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Okay I've been thinking about these battle you guys determine the winners.

50 raptors VS Spinosarus...

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JW Lego Concern

Okay now i was so excited when i found out about the new lego game coming out and even better its about JW....

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Invisible Fence Technology

On the Jurassic World website, the Gyrosphere page includes a very exciting and mysterious reference to "in...

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LEGO JW, play as dinosaurs?

I had this question way before the release of the trailer but now I'm confused because what I saw in the ne...

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Seismosaurus vs Cryolophosaurus


Length: 125 feet

Height: 30 feet

Weight: 25 tons


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