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The End Part 7: The End

Part 7: The End


The Allosaurus Difference continued walk...

3 Replies

Be the Dinosaur: Mission Accomplished

Looks like my first story (here...

5 Replies

Return of the Dinosaur King; Battle of Titans Chapter 5 part 7 The Arena Champions

The Arena Champions

Chris blinked a few times the flash blinded them for a few ...

0 Replies

Return of the Dinosaur King; Battle of Titans Chapter 5 part 6 The Arena

The Arena

The mercenaire awoke in a cage around them groups of other people alo...

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The End Part 6: Tyrance Vs Nequit Dominum, the Fate of the Future

To be honest, I have been a tad bit hesitant to post this, I've been worried it isn't going to be successfu...

9 Replies

The End Part 5: Rex vs Spino

Part 5: Rex vs Spino

The lone Allosaurus, Difference, began to leave hi...

5 Replies

Survival on a Dinosaur Island

I've started a similar topic before the release of Jurassic World, but which team of kids in the JP franchi...

4 Replies

T-Shirts For Everything Dinosaurs?

Hello good people. I'm sure many of you are familiar with my website at this point...



5 Replies

Hey Brother

My first story in a while.

I'll let everyone who reads this figure out what I was referring to, but...

8 Replies

Return of the Dinosaur King; Battle of Titans Chapter 5 part 5 Hidden in the mist part 2

Hidden in the Mist Part 2

0 Replies

The End Part 4: Hell on Earth

Part 4: Hell on Earth

Tyrance, forced to the very back of his cave waited in fear at wha...

6 Replies

Top 10 Most Dangerous Non-Dinosaurs

This list is for carnivores only. Believe me, there are certainly very dangerous non-dinosaur herbivores as...

13 Replies

Jurassic World - All Deleted Scenes

Woa, Masrrani knew it everything!

3 Replies

The End Part 3: Horror From the Sky and the Sea

Part 3: Horror From the Sky and the Sea

*Present time: North America*

7 Replies

JPOG Like Game needs YOUR help! (Mesozoica)

"Mesozoica is a next generation Tycoon simulator that brings the player into a world where they control the...

7 Replies

The End Part 2: Nequit Dominum the Unstoppable Lord

Sorry for the delay, the site was down.

Part 2: Nequit Dominum the Unstoppable Lord

8 Replies

A Jurassic World Question

So, as the title says, this is a question I have about Jurassic World. It's also (kind of) a plothole.


11 Replies

Cryptic Compy Conundrum 9/20/15

Cryptic Compy Conundrum day 2!

For whoever wins, here are the rules:


#1: It ...

2 Replies

Cryptic Compy Conundrum - 9/19/2015

Hello everyone! So today starts the Cryptic Compy Conundrum. The Cryptic Compy Conundrum ...

8 Replies

The End Part 1


The End By GorillaGodzilla...

4 Replies

A Day in the Life of a Dinosaur- Parvquatallus the Microraptor

After a while I have finally finished another chapter of a Day in the Life of a Dinosaur.

If you do...

5 Replies

Fossil Collections

Some of you might remember when I was interviewed for a podcast(I Know Dino). Well, once again I'm working ...

9 Replies

Isla Sorna Survival Chapter 11

Miss chapter 10? Forget what happened? Follow the link provided.


7 Replies

New species of Dinosaur found in Australia!

New Dinosaurs found in Australia nicknamed Lightning claw!

6 Replies

My Drawing of a Velociraptor

Well I have never done something like this but why now?


Well for this year in school...

9 Replies
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