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Literal Jurassic World Trailer

Hey guys long time no post. Anyways I found this rather amusing video from Tobuscus involving the first Jur...

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Fire the prehistoric legend of Utah chapter 10

Well,before I just start the topic,If you guys want then go to my profile and see my previous chapters,it h...

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JW easter egg video

Every Jurassic Wo ...

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Scared Chris Pratt

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Isla Nublar: A New Era- Chapter 2



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New dino found in south Africa

Sefapanosaurus is the new dino that was discovered in South Africa and it live during Jurassic.

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My Thoughts on JW and My Big Trip

So, it's been a while. But I decided I'd stop by, say hi, tell you all I loved Jurassic World, and my trip ...

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Muldoon's Magic short shorts PREQUEL

I have begun a story about how Robert Muldoon got his job at Jurassic Park, this will be a prequel to my "T...

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Isla Nublar: A New Era- Chapter 1

I decided to release the story early, but it contains a couple mild spoilers, a...

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A Day in the Life of a Dinosaur- Piscius the Spinosaurus

Hello everyone, I am here to present you the 3rd episode of A Day in the Life of a Dinosaur. For t...

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Do you think younger Rexy could've given Indominus a much better fight (Minor Spoilers)

Ok, most of us havee seen JW, which means we saw Rexy, it was awesome to see her again, but she was definit...

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Which Dinosaurs Had Feathers?

Iv'e been noticing alot of stuff about dinosaur accuracy lately on the forums so I wanted to post this vide...

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Odds of Alan Grant being in the Jurassic World sequel?

What do you all think the Odds are of Sam Neill A.K.A Alan Grant returning in Jurassic World 2? I personall...

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Jurassic World 2 (Idea for the Sequel - WIP)

Jurassic World II

11 Replies

Just An Idea

It's been a while since my last story on this forum, and I have a couple things planned (a big JP battle, F...

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JP origins

I just found out about the Jurassic Park fan film called "Jurassic Park Origins". I noticed the websites no...

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Design Your Jurassic World 2 Movie

Name: Jurassic World

Island: ( New ) Isla Nucleampe

Before Seen Characters: Claire Dea...

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Could 2005's King Kong take on the Indominus Rex?

Considering that both animals are close to being both the same size, do you think the King Kong from the Pe...

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How exactly intelligent were the extinct Dinosaurs?

After doing a lot of research on bird intelligence, dinosaur intelligence, and dinosaur evolution, it has c...

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Gigantosaurus vs Indominus Rex

My 2000 post!!!!!!!!!!!


A large male giganotosaurus prowls the forest of Isla Nora h...

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Jurassic World Plot Holes (spoilers)

Hello, I just finished watching Jurassic World, and I thought it was a fantastic movie. I did notice some p...

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Your favourite Dinosaur memory?

Good Noon folks, Hope you've all had a good fathers day. Now, Today I'd like to pose you the question:


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In my Jurassic World Story, there is two very new dinosaurs I've entered into the park description

Dinosaur 1: The first new dino is a hybrid of a Tyrannosaurus, Indomimus Rex, Spinosaurus, Baryonyx, Mosas...

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