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Be the Dinosaur-Get Away

Installment #5 here viewers.  

I will get to dinosaur stories in the first 2 films right after...

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Tyrants Chapter 3: The Final Hunt

Part 3: All for a meal


Tyranak and the Pack continued do...

2 Replies

Tyrants Chapter 2: The Killer of Juveniles

Part 2: They never saw it coming



Three ye...

2 Replies

Isla Sorna Survival Chapter 16

Miss the previous chapter? Follow the link.

4 Replies

Tyrants Chapter 1: Life


6 Replies

Why would they need a hybrid?

I was watching Jurassic World, and it made me think of something. Why would they make a hybrid when they al...

11 Replies

Isla Sorna Survival Chapter 15

Miss the previous chapter? Follow the link provided.

7 Replies

Jurassic World Tribute (Fallout 4 Theme)

Hello! This is my first discussion on the Jurassic World Site! I recently changed my name, if anyone who re...

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Return of the Dinosaur King; Battle of Titans Chapter 5 part 8 The Guard Dog of Hell

The Guard Dog of Hell

Donovan and the three general stood there looking at the ...

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Be the Dinosaur-You Asked For It

Hello everyone.  My fourth volume for my series is here and ready!  You'll like this one, and it'...

6 Replies

Tyrants! The Prequel/Sequel To The End! Coming November 20th

I officially have a date for Tyrants! And as a treat for keeping you guys waiting, here is a sneak...

9 Replies

A new giant raptor from the hell creek, meet Dakotaraptor!

Hey guys! a new dromaesaurs(raptors) is found! called Dakotaraptor steini and its the first giant dromaesau...

18 Replies

Be the Dinosaur-Alone

I had midterms at the time I wrote this, but fortunately they're done, so here is the 3rd installment of my...

8 Replies

Isla Sorna Survival Chapter 14

Miss the previous chapter? You know the drill. If you don't, you'll pick it up quick enough.

3 Replies

How good of a movie is Jurassic World?

This day I finally rewatched Jurassic World. And before and after rewatching it I come to a question I've t...

46 Replies

The End: Alternate Endings!

While Tyrants is being written (putting love and care into that so it might take ...

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Isla Sorna Survival Chapter 13

Miss the previous chapter? The link provided. Follow it.

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A Jurassic World Escape

Hello, this is another short story I posted, a story that liek my last short story will stand by itself. Th...

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Your Perfect Dinosaur Park

So, playing Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis and filling Zoo Tycoon 2 with dinosaurs has really got me...

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Speeddrawing of Indominus Rex

Hello everyone. What do you think of my Indominus Rex speed drawing?
At the end of the video are the l...

4 Replies

If the Jurassic Park novels were over-analyzed...

We've all gone through it when you're taking an English/Literature/Literary analysis test, and you see ques...

17 Replies

A Night at Jurassic World

Hello, I made this to be a "scary" short story, and I hope it is at least eerie or unsettling. I apologise ...

5 Replies

Everything Dinosaur T-Shirt Campaign

It's official! Everything Dinosaurs Weebly has launched it's first t-shirt campaign! I thank you for your s...

3 Replies

Isla Sorna Survival Chapter 12

Miss the previous chapter? Follow the link provided.

7 Replies




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