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Colin confirmed it on his twitter! What do you guys think we'll see?

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New information about the Indominus Rex (probably not)

On the Jurassic World Wikipedia page, it says in the plot summary that there was more than one Indominus re...

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Fall of the rebellion: rise of the insurgents

The rebellion has fallen. BUT there is still hope( not for the DAF) the group is called....... The insurgen...

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Change to the Raptors?

I just watched a small clip from the new Jurassic World game and it called the Raptors "Utahraptor". That a...

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New JW Tv Spot

New Jurassic World Tv spot!


*Video added by Raptor-401


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DDD: Fight 21- Metriacanthosaurus vs. Acrocanthosaurus

Let's meet our contestants-



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Near complete fossil of a new species found: The carnivorous 'Terror Bird'.

The most complete skeleton of a new species ever found. The scientists named the new species Llall...

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Random Fight

I'm not going to say who vs who because if I do you're probably not going to read it.



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The rebellion shall not fall!

Foolish fools make lies about the rebellion falling but it is not true. I shall ressurect the rebellion and...

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The War is over: The truth revealed

Alright, time for to reveal the truth behind the war. To do that I must start from the beginning.


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Its all lies.

Its all a lie.

The Rebellion, the DAF. They are all lies.

The DAF played the Rebellion, the...

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Return of the dinosaur king : Battle of Titans Chapter 5 part 3


     The King walked towards Donovan the kin...

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DNA Poster

So, I made a fan poster some months ago, you may have seen it in Tumblr. I think it is kind of self-explana...

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500 Post Special: Drawings + Upcoming Fight

Hi everyone this will be my 500th post special, although I have actually posted 520, I reached it today and...

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Here is a clip, it is pretty funny and I am hyped! Im sorry, I don't know how to embed videos but I am sooo...

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Join the DAF for freedom and equality!!!

I'll get straight to business:


Leader Gojira2K of the Rebellion only got his power b...

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Join the Rebellion!!!

One year ago, last April, the Jurassic World Cold War began. It began when Velociraptor Awareness Month was...

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Jurrasic World The Game only for IOS??

Someone help me to understand why its only for the ios if it is...


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The thunder lizard is back

i love stuff like this; the childhood dinosaur( for some of us older folks that use this little forum) has ...

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The Pesky but Dangerous Velociraptors- They are STILL here with us

As a lot of you old-timers here may remember, April is the NATIONAL month for Velociraptor Awareness.


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JW music sheet


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jeff goldblum cameo

im sure everyone is aware of the easter egg recently released showing the book written by Ian Malcolm, titl...

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Jurassic World The Story: Please View!!!!

Zach and Gray was at their aunt Debby house watching 9 news television while their Mom and Dad was on vaca...

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Yangchuanosaurus vs. Dilophosaurus

Fighter size:


Length: 36 feet

Height: 13 feet

Weight: 5 to...

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