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Dinosaur Extinct Because Of Aliens ???

Dinosaur Wiped from Extinction because of aliens ????

before you said it was a hoax,lets hear it fr...

7 Replies

Liopleurodon Vs Predator X

its just a trial fight, hope you like it

this battle take fight in a north side of isla Nublar, kno...

4 Replies

Spinosaurus vs Suchomimus

An incredible battle, lets begin?

6 Replies

Deinonychus Dominion is back!

Hello my peoples of scified and i bring you news of my game that I talked about 4 months ago.

Well ...

7 Replies

Indominus Rex with Humane DNA

What we know at all about the Indominus Rex?
The Indominus Rex is around 5.5 meter tall dinosaur. It i...

4 Replies

Final 3!

Just wanted to announce something for anyone who cares about the fights I have been doing,

There ar...

7 Replies

The Issue Of Raptorism

Hi, Sci-Fi King25 here. I would like to present a large issue to today's society. This issue is known as ra...

15 Replies

Why Jurassic Park is Racist

Racism. From the K.K.K., to the Nazis, to The Atlantic Slave Trade, etc., it goes on- it truly is a terribl...

18 Replies

Velociraptor vs Compsognathus

A truly epic battle, why don't we begin?

9 Replies

King Of The Sea

In Land, Dinosaur maybe the King, but who was the King Of the SEA ?

here are some of the competator...

7 Replies

Forum patrol

I have decided to make an unofficial forum patrol, were me and volunteers patrol the forum and make sure il...

6 Replies

Can Someone draw the giganotosaurus from journey, wearing a shirt that says "swag?

Can Someone draw the giganotosaurus from journey, wearing a shirt that says "swag?


11 Replies

Prehistoric Flowers!

Hello there.

    While browsing the web, I happened upon this tidbit of information ...

8 Replies

Custom Dinosaur Competition!

Now, I decided to make a new competition (probably) never seen on this forum!!! :...

33 Replies

Quetzalcoatlus vs Hatzegopteryx

A new war in the timeline, let's begin. Also replies would be much appreciated.

7 Replies

Why Trevorow Soared And Trank Sank

0 Replies

Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Giganotosaurus

Before we begin this epic war, I want to inform you all this is indeed a prequel. It takes place before my ...

9 Replies

Things That Should Had Happen in Jurassic World

here is some thing that should happen in JW

1. if the call is important, dont wait

don't ju...

3 Replies

LEGO Indominus Rex + some other JP related projects

Hi all,

About a month ago I started a new LEGO IDEAS project Indominus Rex from the movie Jurassic ...

1 Replies

The Primordial - part II

This is the second part in my story, I just want to say that part three will have more action and character...

3 Replies

The Primordial - part I

 As I woke up from my slumber, I could feel the beach’s scorching sun warming my face which was ...

5 Replies

Fully Textured Dinosaur painting

Using the links Destroyahx gave me yesterday In the previous topic i decided to re-do the Tyrannosaurus and...

5 Replies

Mapusaurus vs Saurophaganax

The battle of the legends starts here.

9 Replies

Isla Nublar: A New Era: Chapter 5




3 Replies

New Dinosaur drawings - First digital drawings

My first 2 images created using photoshop they're actually nicer than I predicted, and i'm pretty pleased w...

12 Replies
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